1. What is Benefit and how does it work?

Benefit is a pre-paid mobile payments platform that empowers individuals to give to the things that matter most through their everyday transactions.
Benefit works by purchasing gift cards and instantly redeeming directly from your phone as a method of payment. This can be done at home while shopping online or in-store in the checkout lane. Every purchase results in a percentage of the transaction being contributed to the cause of your choice. You pay and Benefit gives. Where it goes is up to you. 

You can take a look at this video for a deeper look.

2. How do I get started with Benefit?

First, download the Benefit app from the app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will create your Benefit account with your email and chosen password. Select the beneficiary you’d like to support, and set up your payment method. Then, you’re ready to buy!

3. My account is ready! How do I start shopping and earning for my cause?

Navigate to the “Retailers” section of the main menu where you can find 160+ retailer options. Once you’ve selected a retailer, type the amount you’d like to purchase into the app. When you click “Buy”, the designated % will be contributed to your cause, and Benefit will generate a gift card for you on the spot. Pay immediately or use the gift card later.

4. How do I know my information is safe?

Benefit takes payment security seriously. We want our customers to have absolute confidence in how we handle their private payment information. We do not store your credit card information in the app or on our servers. Benefit partners with your financial institution and follows all regulated security protocols that you would for any other transaction with your bank or credit card company. 

5. How much does this cost?

For users? Nothing! There is no cost to you as a user to download Benefit, and the money donated to your cause comes out of your purchases, you do not spend an extra cent!

For causes? It is completely free to sign up as a beneficiary with Benefit. All funds raised in the Benefit app go back to the beneficiary minus our cost to process the eCheck, which is $1 for each eCheck sent. We do not charge fees such as sign up fee, annual fee, etc. So, if your supporters raise $500, you will get an eCheck for $499.

6. Really? Okay, how do I enroll my Cause today? 

Visit our Causes page and enroll here!

7. I got an error code when using the app.

So sorry to hear this! Please reach out to support@benefit-mobile.com for assistance, or send us a message in the app from the Messages section under Settings.

8. I have other questions and can’t find the answers in the FAQ. Where can I go?

Please email support@benefit-mobile.com if you're unable to find your answers in the "Help Center" in the Benefit app under Settings.

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