In the main menu, click on Beneficiaries. 

Click on School OR Nonprofit. 

Enter the name of your beneficiary. It can be a portion of the name or you can search by zip code if you're having trouble. Click on the beneficiary once it appears. 

Click on the campaign you would like to choose. There may only be one choice - General Funds. Click on "Select Campaign" on the bottom. 

Congrats! You are now supporting your cause.

If you're having trouble finding your cause, or you're wondering about which campaign to choose, you may want to reach out to your administrator. 

If you're supporting a school and you'd like to only support your child, the administrator does have the ability to turn that option on with the Benefit app. They would need to do that from the admin dashboard. If they aren't sure how, or you still have more questions, please email us at or message us within the Benefit app under Settings/Messages.

If you cannot find your school or nonprofit at all, try searching by a portion of the name, in both categories (nonprofit and school) and also try abbreviations or nicknames. The administrator chooses the name for the cause, and if you're having issues finding it, they might like to know so they can update the name. 

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