1. What is Benefit?

Benefit is a pre-paid mobile payments platform that empowers individuals to give to the things that matter most through their everyday transactions. Benefit works by purchasing gift cards and instantly redeeming directly from your phone as a method of payment. This can be done at home while shopping online or in-store in the checkout lane. Every purchase results in a percentage of the transaction being contributed to the cause of your choice. It might be a child's education, a local non-profit, or just a general life expense. You pay and Benefit gives. Where it goes is up to you. You can take a look at this video for a deeper look.

2. Who can participate with Benefit?

Any non profit or school can sign up as a beneficiary (Cause). 

3. What costs/fees are associated with using Benefit?

It is completely free to sign up as a beneficiary with Benefit. All funds raised in the Benefit app go back to the beneficiary minus our cost to process the eCheck, which is $1 for each eCheck sent. We do not charge fees such as sign up fee, annual fee, etc. So, if your supporters raise $500, you will get an eCheck for $499.

4. How do I enroll my Cause?

If you're an administrator, you can register your cause at benefit-mobile.com/fundraisers. 

Go to that site, click on Enroll My Cause, and follow the prompts. Enter an email that is different from your personal email, such as an administrative email or email specifically for fundraising. Once complete, hit submit. 

You will be sent to the dashboard where you will be able to see reports for donors and transactions. You'll also see a "promote" tab. You will find handouts and promotional materials there.

5. Our Cause received a check, but we never signed up. What gives?

Congratulations. More than likely one of our users made a request to support your nonprofit or school using the Benefit app. The check you have is the amount our users donated to you through their everyday shopping. If you’d like to see the details of who contributed, contact us to learn how to claim your account. From there you can track your contributions, invite more donors, and set up additional fundraising campaigns. 

6. I have more questions!

No fear! Check our our other FAQ's for admins or reach out to us at support@benefit-mobile.com for more information! There are also videos and more resources to review here:

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