On or near the 20th of each month, a cause will receive a check IF the total raised for the previous month exceeds $10. If the total is less than $10 we roll contributions over to the next month.

To see a detailed breakdown, administrators can sign in to the Benefit account at www.benefit-mobile.com using their admin credentials. From here you will see a detailed report of all transactions along with the contributions that added up to your final delivered check. Admin's can see a thorough breakdown of transactions by month or total, along with how the check should be allocated. 

An eCheck is sent to the payment email on file. You will get two emails. One from Benefit saying you're about to get a check with the subject "Your February 2018 Benefit check" (for example), then another from Deluxe, our check partner, with the subject "Benefit has sent you a check". Open the email from Deluxe and click on the link to retrieve the check as a guest. Print out the check and take it to the bank like a normal check. 

Individuals can also login on a computer to see all of their own transactions using the same email and password used in the app. Go to benefit-mobile.com to login. You can also find your transactions in the purchase receipt section of the app.


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