Benefit passes profit from each purchase to your beneficiary, but unfortunately, credit cards on average cost about 3% of the overall transaction to process, and the lower rebate is due to covering this cost. This means we have less profit to give. Many of our users choose to use credit card knowing that while the Benefit rebates might be smaller they are also taking advantage of their credit cards rewards.

To get the most out of our platform we strongly encourage our users to choose to pay with a checking account to maximize their contributions to their chosen beneficiary. Doing so will add up to 3% more to the rebate across our entire retailer portfolio. 

If you have both a bank account AND a credit card linked, changing the payment method within the app will automatically change the rebate percentage. Most promotions we send out are applied when paying with a checking account - not a credit card - so be sure to link a bank account when possible.

You can see all of our retailers and the rebates for both credit card/bank account here: 

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