If you've already selected a beneficiary and your payment method is verified, you're ready to make a purchase. If you do not have those two steps complete, review the FAQ's for additional assistance. Open the Benefit app and navigate to the Retailers section.

Click the Retailer you'd like to buy with, and click on the "Buy A New Card" button. Type in the exact amount you want to purchase, and click NEXT. Verify the payment method looks correct as well as the retailer and amount. Then, click on confirm. Once you've made your purchase, you should see your card right away. Do not navigate away from the screen until you see your gift card or a message. 

The cashier can scan the barcode on the gift card if you are paying in store or type the gift card number if you a barcode is unavailable. If you're paying at a restaurant, write the gift card number on the back of your ticket and tell the waitstaff that you're paying with a gift card. You can include the tip in the gift card amount.

Let's say I'm at Old Navy. I have my Benefit app open while I'm standing in line. Then, the cashier rings up my clothes and gives me my total of $56.78. I buy an Old Navy gift card in the app for $56.78 and show the cashier. She scans the gift card and hands me my receipt. I am on my way. I update the balance of the gift card to $0 on the way out the door. We send a portion of your purchase to your cause at the end of the month. That's it!

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