To change the balance for a gift card, click on "update balance" under the gift card. Enter the new amount on the gift card after you've made a purchase. If you're not sure of the balance for a gift card, the best place to check is the retailer website, just like you would for a plastic gift card.
Some of our retailers do have an automatic refresh, but not all of them have that feature. The button under the gift card may say "refresh balance". In that case, the app attempts to connect to the retailer to get the balance for you. If the balance is $0, the gift card will disappear when you click on "refresh balance".

Once you find out the actual balance on each gift card, be sure to update it within the Benefit app. Also continue to update cards to their actual balance after the cashier hands you your receipt. This way you know the transaction has gone through, and you will know the exact balance based on the receipt. This will avoid confusion later about balances on old gift cards.

Did you know you can purchase most Benefit gift cards for the exact amount? For example, if the cashier tells you your total is $56.78, in most cases, you can buy a gift card for $56.78. This can help avoid having multiple gift cards with small balances. Some retailers do not have this feature, and will require you to buy a set denomination. 

Benefit does not have access to records showing usage for gift cards. If you need a transaction history for a particular gift card, you will need to reach out directly to the retailer. 

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