This is our most asked question! Be sure to follow and read the instructions within the app to help guide you. 

You can enter a bank account and/or a credit card as your payment method. You may have 2 banks listed and multiple credit/debit cards if you wish. 

To link a bank account:
Go to the Payment method section of the app. Click on "Link a Checking Account". Review and accept the terms and conditions. Enter your address, phone, and birthdate. This will help us verify your account with your bank. Choose your bank from the list OR choose OTHER at the bottom of the list.

If your bank is in the list of banks, click on your bank and enter your login credentials. Benefit does not store your credentials. We send the encrypted data to your bank over a secure channel using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Your bank verifies the login. If the login is correct, your bank will automatically link the accounts you have available to the app. The account with the green check is the one currently selected for purchases. Linking a bank account will give you higher rebates on your purchases as well.

If your bank is not in the list of banks, scroll to OTHER at the bottom of the list. Click OTHER and enter your Routing and Account number. Our bank processor will then initiate two small deposits. You will see those two small deposits in your account in 2-4 business days. They will be less than $0.99. Once you find them on your bank statement, go back to the Benefit app. Click the Payment method section. Click the yellow triangle next to your bank account. Enter the two deposits you see. If the deposits are correct, the yellow triangle will turn into a green check. Your bank account is ready to use and you can now make a purchase. Linking a bank account will give you higher rebates on your purchases as well. 

To link a credit card (or debit card): 

Go to the Payment method section of the app. Click on "Link a Credit Card". Enter your credit card information and click "Link a Credit Card" at the bottom of the screen. Our payment processor will send one small charge to your credit card 24 hours later. It will be more than $1.01 and less than $1.99. The charge will be refunded shortly afterward. When you see the charge on your credit card statement the following day ( a full 24 hours later), you may enter that amount into the app to verify your credit card. Go to the payment method section of the app. Click on the yellow triangle next to your credit card. Enter the verification amount. If the amount is correct, the yellow triangle will now be a green check mark and you are ready to make a purchase. If the amount is incorrect, the app will tell you. 

Only enter your credit card ONE time. Entering your credit card multiple times will make it confusing for you later. Sometimes, people think the credit card information wasn't entered properly when they don't see the amount charged to their card immediately. Remember: it takes a full 24 hours for the charge to appear on your credit card statement. 

Linking a credit card will give you lower rebates since Benefit has less profit to give you due to credit card fees. To get a higher rebate, link a bank account as well.

More info:
If you're running into an issue, or you're not sure if you entered your information correctly, you can contact us at for assistance. 

If your name in the app does not match the name on your bank account or credit card, your account may be rejected. Do not use a nickname, maiden name, or abbreviation. Your name should match the payment method for verification purposes. You can update your name in the settings menu. Mismatched information may result in the payment processor asking for additional verification.

To delete a payment method, go to the payment method section of the Benefit app. Swipe the payment method you wish to delete to the left. A red archive button will appear. Click on it. This will archive any transactions you have and will delete the payment method.
If you ever want to use that payment method again, you will need to enter it again.

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