We are sorry you are seeing an error! We hate that! 

If you're seeing an error in the Benefit app and this is not your first purchase, it's likely that it was a hiccup and a second attempt will work, especially if the error message seems nonsensical. We rely on the retailers and the payment processors to process a purchase, and if they have a small misfire or timeout, it will stop the purchase from going through. Usually, it is only down for a second or two, and the second attempt will work. If you've tried a few times, and it is still not working, please reach out to us so we can see if a retailer is down (which rarely happens) or perhaps your account is having an issue.

If this is your very first time attempting a purchase and you're seeing an error code, your account may not be ready to go just yet. Be sure to review the message and contact us with details. Sometimes, the app will automatically contact us on your behalf to let us know you're seeing an error. We will reply with a solution that you can find in the message center in the settings menu. As long as your notifications are on, you will be alerted.

You can reach out to us at support@benefit-mobile.com or by messaging us in the settings menu of the app under "Messages" tab.



419 - This error code is the most common. This means your account is not currently active. To find out why, you will have to email support@benefit-mobile.com. There are many reasons your account may be inactive. It could be you're a new customer, and something you entered into the app doesn't match what is on file with your bank or credit card. It could mean you have a past due payment. Or, it could be a simple typo in your email or name. Since there are so many different possibilities, it's best to reach out to us for assistance.

Plum - This is typically a credit card decline. You can reach out to us to confirm and help explain the exact issue.

Cucumber - This code means you're entering the wrong amount to verify your credit/debit card too many times. Your account is now locked. You must reach out to us to unlock it. When you enter a credit card into the app, we charge your card a full 24 hours later. It's a small charge less than $1.99 but more than $1.01. We refund the small charge shortly afterward.
You find that charge on your credit card statement and enter it into the app to verify your credit card. This is how we know that you have access to the card statement, not just the credit card. 

Orange - This error is the same as the Cucumber error, only for a bank account. It means you've entered the wrong verification amounts too many times, and you've locked your account. You must reach out to us to unlock it. When you enter a bank account into the app, we send two small deposits in 2-4 business days. The deposits are less that $0.99 but more than $0.01. We reverse the small deposits shortly afterward. Find those deposits on your bank statement and enter them into the app to verify your bank. This is how we know that you have access to the bank statement, not just the account number. 

Banana - This error code means your account is inactive temporarily. Reach out to us so we can help find out why.

If you're seeing an error not listed, please take a screenshot and send it to us so we can help. 

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