Once a gift card is purchased within the Benefit app, it will appear within a couple seconds. While the purchase is processing, do not hit the back button.
All gift cards are stored in the RETAILERS section of the Benefit app and also in your "WALLET" at the top of the screen. iPhone and Android are a bit different, but at the top of your screen is either a "wallet" icon or a small drop down menu with "Retailers, Favorites, and My Wallet" as your choices. Clicking "My Wallet" will show which gift cards are in your wallet with a balance.

If you're in the "Purchase Receipts" section of the app, you will see the purchase details, and only the last four digits of the gift card number. To see the entire gift card number, go to the Retailers section (as long as the balance is more than $0.01). If your gift card balance is $0, you may change the balance to $0.01 or more in order to view the entire gift card number again. 

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