Similar to physical gift cards, digital gift cards cannot be returned for any reason. Because a live, active card has been delivered, retailers do not allow returns, especially since you've had access to the gift card number and pin.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind prior to purchasing a gift card through Benefit:

1. Be sure you are purchasing from the correct retailer. It's very easy to confuse Bed Bath & Beyond with Bath & Body Works, for example. While we certainly understand the confusion, we don't have the ability to simply exchange cards.

2. Be sure that you review the screen and the warnings included, such as an activation delay or print requirement. Just above the "Buy a Card" button we've placed warning messages if applicable.

3. Don't accidentally buy a card! This seems pretty intuitive, but numerous customers have clicked on a retailer, clicked on Buy A New Card, typed in an amount, clicked next, clicked buy now, and said it was an accident. Technically this is four accidents, but we understand. Unfortunately, retailers will not give you your money back for accidental purchases. 

4. Be aware that if you might need to return an item that you purchased with your gift card, more than likely you will be given credit on a new physical gift card. Rarely will a retailer be able to put the money back onto the digital gift card. Clarify where the money will be sent when making a return.

5. Review the redemption instructions for a retailer before making your first purchase with them. All retailers are different. Most can be redeemed in the store, while standing in line. Some must be printed and taken to the store, since the store doesn't have the ability to scan or type in the gift card, such as Safeway and Albertsons. You can see brief instructions at the bottom of the "Buy a new card" screen and also in the info section. You can also review each retailer here:

6. Review the terms and conditions for the gift card you are purchasing, especially if this is your first time using the retailer OR if you're spending a substantial amount.
Some retailers do not allow you to use the gift card the way you were hoping. For example, you cannot buy a gift card with a gift card. Some people have tried to use a $500 Walmart gift card to buy several smaller plastic gift cards in the store. This is money laundering, and the retailer won't allow it. This is just one example, but there are other restrictions that may apply to your purchase, so be sure to review those terms beforehand.

It would make it quite impossible for us to pay our causes if we had to honor every return request sent our way. So please take note of the tips above. 

If you've purchased a gift card that you no longer need, you can send it as a gift by clicking the tiny envelope icon. This will send the card to your email. You can forward the email to the recipient. You can also sell the card. There are several websites that will sell that card for you on the secondary market. 

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