Everyone makes this mistake at some point. Maybe you forgot to transfer money, or your check wasn't deposited on time because of a holiday. Whatever the reason, you didn't have enough money in your account to cover the payment for your Benefit gift card purchase. If this happens to you, please reach out to us and let us know you're expecting it to bounce.

Here's what you can expect:

---The moment your transaction bounces, your Benefit account is automatically shut off. It will remain off pending payment and review.
---Benefit will automatically resubmit the transaction for you, as long as the bank account is valid and still working properly.
---You will see a $20 bounced transaction fee included in your payment. Your bank may also charge a fee for insufficient funds. Benefit will charge a bounced transaction fee of $20 for each transaction you have bounced.
---Benefit will attempt to withdraw the transaction a total of 3 times.
---If payment is not received with 3 attempts, we will reach out to secure a new payment method for the transaction.
---If payment is not received, even after attempts to retrieve a new payment method, Benefit reserves the right to revoke donations made to your nonprofit/school.
---Benefit reserves the right to refuse service to customers who have payment issues or high risk accounts. If your account has any bounced transactions, it will become a high risk account. If you've disputed or have said you may dispute a transaction, your account will be considered high risk. Your account limit may be lowered, limited, or shut off entirely.
---If you do not pay, your account will be turned over to collections and recovery. Benefit will attempt to recover the lost funds, and we will work with your nonprofit/school to do so. After all - this is their fundraiser! They will want to know why reports are delayed and donations are missing.
---Communication is KEY! If you're having payment issues, contact us and keep in touch consistently at support@benefit-mobile.com.

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