Many of our supporters use the Benefit app to raise funds for their child's tuition, their child's sport team, or an event involving their child. Sometimes, it is preferred if the funds raised go directly to that child, versus a General Funds account for the school or nonprofit.

The cause administrator does have the option to turn this function on or off for each campaign. This can be adjusted in the settings for the campaign on the Benefit dashboard. Once "Support an Individual" is marked as "YES" within the settings, the supporter will have the option to enter a child's name, family account number, or any other indicator as specified by the admin.

For the supporters, select your beneficiary within the Benefit app. Follow the prompts until you get to the option to enter the name of a child or an account number. Enter the information, and click next.
Now, you will be supporting this beneficiary, under this particular campaign, in support of this individual. 

Your school can see a report showing your purchases in the app. They will know which purchases to apply to your account based on the child's name or account number given. There can be multiple supporters for your child - all family and friends can help. They simply need to follow these same steps.

If you don't have the option to enter a child's name or account number, your family and friends can still select your school and the administrators will still see their purchases, but you may want to let the administrators know of additional supporters, especially if their last name is different from your own. 

If you do not have the option to enter a child's name or account number, you may want to ask an administrator to turn that function on in the app. If they aren't sure how to do that from their Benefit dashboard, they can email for instructions.

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