Yeah! You want the money you've earned, right?

Your cause is paid once per month on or near the 20th of the month as long as you earn at least $10. If the 20th is on the weekend, plan for the following Monday.

An eCheck is sent to the payment email on file. You can see this in your Benefit dashboard settings at You will get two emails. One from us saying you're about to get a check with the subject "Your August 2019 Benefit check" (for example), then another from Deluxe, our check partner, with the subject "Benefit has sent you a check". Open the email from Deluxe and click on the link to retrieve the check as a guest. Print out the check and take it to the bank like a normal check. We recommend taking the instructions with you. If you raise less than $10, that amount is rolled over to the next month and combined with the next check.

If you've been with Benefit for a while, you might want to know how to reconcile your checks. We do not have a report showing the check numbers, but you can see the amount of the checks sent in your reports.

Log in at with the admin credentials.
Once you're logged in, click on "View Details" under the General Funds campaign, or the campaign you wish to view.

On the left hand side of the page, you can select a month to view. 

If you click on a specific month, you will see details for it.
I'll click on March 2018 and this is what I see : 

The green number on the right is the amount of the check we sent for that month. In this example, the check sent for March 2018 was $20.25 and should have arrived on or near April 20th, 2018. If you click on each month, you can match the green number to the check you deposited/cashed.

This should help you reconcile deposits for checks going forward. It's best to do this each month, just to be sure it was cashed/deposited. Benefit does not have a way to see if all of your checks were cashed without reviewing thousands of entries. It is recommended that you reconcile monthly for this reason.

If you need help finding old checks and whether or not they were cashed, Benefit can help you do this. We may charge a fee to help you reconcile your payments depending on how many entries you're in search of, and how far back they might go. In general, anything over 2 years old will require additional research.

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