Supporters for the cause would download the Benefit app, and use it to pay when they check out. Once they have their beneficiary selected and their payment method verified they can make a purchase. Let's say I'm at Old Navy. I have my Benefit app open while I'm standing in line. Then, the cashier rings up my clothes and gives me my total of $56.78. I buy a gift card in the app for $56.78 and show the cashier. She scans it and hands me my receipt. I am on my way. I update the balance of the gift card to $0 on the way out the door. We send a portion of the purchase to their beneficiary at the end of the month. That's it!

Any gift card purchased in the Benefit app is a normal digital gift card directly from the retailer, so it can be used just like a plastic gift card. It can be sent as a gift, used on the spot or used later, used online or in the store, and they never expire. 

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