While most of the retailers within the Benefit app allow you to make a purchase and use the gift card immediately, there are a few where this is not the norm.

Both Safeway, Albertsons, and all of their affiliated stores require their gift cards to be printed for redemption. Most of their stores are not equipped to scan a phone.
There is a warning in the app that this is required prior to redemption which looks like this: 

Prior to purchase there is an additional message saying it can only be redeemed with a printed email, and then also after the purchase, there is a message above and below the gift card warning that it must be redeemed with a printed email.

To print a gift card go to the Retailer's section of the Benefit app. Scroll to the retailer and click on it. Find the gift card you would like to print and click on the email icon under the gift card. This will email the gift card to you for printing. 

Many of our supporters who shop at these stores regularly will buy a large gift card, and then use the gift card each time they shop until it runs out.

Any gift card purchased cannot be refunded, even if you missed the messages about need to be printed. We try to place the warning in a few areas so you are sure to catch it. 

CVS, Jiffy Lube, and Cracker Barrel have been known to refuse a digital gift card and may request that you print the gift card for redemption. This is not standard practice.

Some retailers may ask you to print the gift card, even though it is not technically required. This is frustrating for you and for us! Most retailers have no issues redeeming digital gift cards, and more and more they are becoming more recognized. Most retailers sell digital gift cards on their own website, so their stores should definitely accept them. However, you may have a cashier who does not know what to do, might think it is fake, or has never heard of a digital gift card before - let alone the Benefit app. 

It's important to know that the retailer will not refund a gift card in most cases, even if it was their own cashier that refused to accept it. It's best to speak with a manager. Ask them to verify the gift card using their own gift card line or website. If they do this, and still refuse to accept your gift card, be sure to get their name, store number or address, and be sure to message us right away. In these cases, we will reach out to the corporate office on your behalf. 

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