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Including FAQ's for Benefit app shutdown

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We regret to inform you that Benefit Mobile will be closing the doors after 8 years of business. We are so thankful to those that supported us in the beginning, year after year, through Covid, and continue to support us now.

We are sure you must have many questions about your Benefit account.

1. How long can I make purchases and raise funds for my beneficiary?

The ability to make new purchases in the Benefit app ended on Friday, February 18th, 2022. You are not longer able to make new purchases.

2. How can I access my gift cards?

You will still be able to access the Benefit app to retrieve and use your gift cards just as you always have, however, the Benefit app WILL BE SHUT DOWN at a later date. This date has yet to be determined.

PLEASE USE YOUR GIFT CARDS NOW. If you have unused gift cards that you cannot use right away, please click the email icon under the gift card to send yourself an email with the entire gift card code. This will email the gift card to the email on file with us (your login email). If you do not retrieve your gift card prior to the app shutdown, you will have to reach out to Blackhawk Network for assistance in getting your gift card number. How to do this will be determined at a later date. We will be sending further information.

Go into the Benefit app. Go to the "retailers" section of the app. Scroll to retailers showing a gift card balance. Click the retailer. Your gift cards for that retailer will appear. Click the email icon under the gift card. Do this for every gift card you have not used.

3. How do I know which gift cards are used?

Benefit cannot see your transaction history or balances on a gift card. We do not know if a gift card is used or not. To refresh the balance for a gift card, click on "update balance" under the gift card. Enter the new amount on the gift card after you've made a purchase. If you're not sure of the balance for a gift card, the best place to check is the retailer website, just like you would for a plastic gift card. Some of our retailers do have an automatic refresh within the Benefit app, but not all of them have that feature available. The button under the gift card may say "refresh balance". In that case, the app attempts to connect to the retailer to get the balance for you. If the balance is $0, the app will automatically change the balance to $0 and remove it from your wallet. You can manually change the balance to $0 for any gift card you use. You can also click on the trash icon to delete a card you know has a $0 balance.

4. What if I accidentally delete or change the balance to $0, but there is still money on the gift card?

Don’t worry! You can get the gift card back. Go to the "purchase receipts" section of the app. Find the gift card and click on it. Click on "unarchive" and enter the amount on the card (or if you’re not sure, just enter $0.01 for now). Then, go back to the "retailers" section of the app. Scroll down to the retailer and click on it. Your gift card will be there again. If you’re not sure of the balance, go to the retailer’s website to check the balance, and update it in the app to help you keep track.

5. Will I still receive all my raised funds?

Yes. All administrators and Life Expense supporters received a final eCheck on Monday, March 21st, 2022, if one was due. This check included all funds raised (even those less than the $10 limit to send an eCheck in prior months). This check is only valid for 90 days and should be cashed immediately.

eChecks sent on March 21st, 2022 will not be valid after June 20th, 2022. CASH YOUR CHECKS ASAP.

An eCheck is sent to the payment email on file. You will get two emails. One from Benefit saying you're about to get a check with the subject "Your February 2022 Benefit check" (for example), then another from Deluxe eChecks, our check partner, with the subject "Here's your check from Benefit Mobile". Open the email from Deluxe and click on the link to retrieve the check as a guest. You do not need to create a Deluxe eChecks account, but you can if you choose. Print out the check and take it to the bank like a normal check. There are instructions included with the eCheck.

If you have not cashed your checks, either new or old, by June 20th, 2022, still, your funds are not lost. However, you will have to wait for them to become available.

Since Benefit Mobile is closing, and our bank accounts are closing, you will not be able to cash your checks if you have delayed. Therefore, we will be sending your unclaimed funds to your state, where it can be claimed at a later date. This will take a significant amount of time. Currently, we are estimating at least 6 months for that to happen, but it could take longer - potentially up to a year. This is why we urge you to cash your checks now.

6. Will my payment information be at risk?

No. Benefit is extremely serious about safeguarding your payment information. When we shut down, we will be removing all your personal information entirely from Benefit systems. Your payment information is not stored with Benefit on our servers or within the app, with exception of the last four digits of account numbers. We plan to keep your information on file only long enough for customers to retrieve their gift card information and reports.

7. How do I see my reports?

All reports for administrators and individuals can be found by logging in at Individual reports show your month by month purchase history only. Gift card codes are not available on our website. Purchase history can also be found in the Benefit app in the purchase receipts section. Cause administrators have more detailed reports and those should be exported from the Benefit website now, before the website is closed. The date of the website and app closure has yet to be determined.

8. Where can I raise funds now?

There are other fundraising companies that sell gift cards at a discount (or offer a rebate like Benefit) to raise funds for your organization.

Your organization can set up an account through ShopWithScrip (or consider volunteering to be the coordinator to set it up). Set-up is fast, and your participants can be raising funds within days. Sign up now at

The team at ShopWithScrip is ready to assist with your transition. Please reach out to them if you have questions or need help, and let them know you are coming from a Benefit account so they can assist you in the best manner.

Organizations who do not have an account on ShopWithScrip, contact:

ShopWithScrip New Organization Advisors

1-800-727-4715 Option 4

Organizations who are currently set up with ShopWithScrip account, contact:

ShopWithScrip Customer Support

1-800-727-4715 option 3

Who do I contact if I have a question that isn't listed in the FAQ's?

Benefit will have customer support available. The support email is We do not have phone support.

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